Training programs for our college prep and college athletes are offered throughout the summer as well as in conjunction with off season efforts throughout the year.

College Summer Training

Ignition’s College Summer Training program is an intense 10-week progression that will enable athletes to maximize their performance. The training program consists of a 4-day-a-week schedule with over 2 hours of concentrated speed and strength sessions. The strength sessions will build a more powerful athlete through proper progressions and attention to functional movement patterns. On top of conditioning the athlete to a new level, the speed sessions will enhance sport-specific movements, increase linear speed, and improve agility and reaction time. The Igntion staff individualizes each program to fit the athlete’s needs, goals and sport-specific movements. Ignition has been proven to yield drastic results in many athletes from some of the top schools in the nation.

Winter Break

Ignition’s Winter Break Training program gives athletes the chance to gain a competitive edge through a few weeks of extensive training. This flexible training program will fit any athlete’s winter break schedule and will ensure that their break is well spent. Each program will be individualized so that the athlete’s sport-specific goals are met. Intense speed, agility and strength training will maximize time efficiency and performance through the athlete’s winter break.

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