Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers, 2014 Defensive Player of the Year

“I've spent each of my NFL off seasons training at Ignition with Clif Marshall. I like the holistic approach that allows me to train speed, power and stamina all in the same training session. The workouts are always specific to my position. They have a great atmosphere with an awesome coaching staff."

Khaseem Greene | Chicago Bears® | Rutgers University
“The thing I enjoyed most about training at Ignition for the NFL Draft was the family atmosphere. Not all training facilities have this type of atmosphere because the groups are so much bigger. At Ignition you have the luxury of small groups. The player to coach ratio is the best in the country.”


Mohamed Sanu | Cincinnati Bengals® | Rutgers University
“I have known Clif since my rook year in the NFL. He has trained a number of my Rutgers teammates along with myself. The program at Ignition prepared me to play at my highest level during the 2014 season.”


John Hughes | Cleveland Browns® | University of Cincinnati
“Team Ignition® helped me tremendously working up to the draft. They not only made me a better athlete on the field, but also a better man off it. I would recommend Ignition® to anyone who is ready to be pushed to be the BEST!”


Jackson Jeffcoat | Washington Redskins® | University of Texas
“I couldn’t trained at any facility in the country, but chose to go to Ignition in Cincinnati. I took nearly 3 tenths off of my 40 yard dash while gaining 15 pounds of muscle. I broke my all-time personal goals at the NFL Combine and became a top performer in 5 areas. My favorite part of the training process was the spiritual focus, going out as a group to feed the homeless and learning from Defensive MVP Luke Kuechly.”


Charles Clay | Miami Dolphins® | University of Tulsa
“I used the ignition training program in 2011 in Naples, Florida as I was leaving University of Tulsa and preparing for the NFL combine. I felt very prepared and I appreciated the staff for traveling with me to Indianapolis to support me through the combine process.”


Corey Peters | Atlanta Falcons® | University of Kentucky
“My Ignition training was extremely effective and I could feel and see my improvements every week. Ignition has the experience and the knowledge to fully prepare an athlete and get them to perform at their best. The spiritual aspect of Ignition is what sets it apart.”


Preston Brown | Buffalo Bills® | University of Louisville
“I could have trained anywhere, but I chose to train in my hometown of Cincinnati at Ignition APG. I liked the group sizes and the one on one attention. The support the coaching staff gave me through training and at the NFL Combine helped me be confident enough to break my all-time personal records on testing day.


Rey Maualuga | Cincinnati Bengals® | University of Southern California
“In 10 weeks at Ignition, I became much stronger, faster and quicker, helping my confidence and performance on the field. I broke some of my all-time records in the weight room while at Ignition. Clif and Ben focus on the finer details of training and this helps to make each athlete better. In addition, I liked how they incorporated the spiritual aspect in to the training program.”


Jason Kelce | Philadelphia Eagles® | University of Cincinnati
“Ignition APG helped me reach my goal of playing in the NFL, and they prepared me for the biggest job interview of my life (NFL Combine). The trainers you will work with are experienced and have proven that they are among the best at what they do. Through hard work, dedication, and their programs you will see improvement like never before, and you will put yourself in a position to realize your dream.”

Edmond “Clyde” Gates | New York Jets® | Abilene Christian
“I couldn’t have chosen a better program. The staff was with me throughout this process, even traveling with me to Indy for the NFL Combine, and to my house on Draft Day. The small group of players allows you more one-on-one time with the coaching staff and this is what makes you improve. The facilities were top notch. I will continue to use the Ignition program during my time as an NFL Player.”

Devin McCourty | New England Patriots® | Rutgers University
“Training at Ignition was the best and most important decision I have made for my football career. Clif is a true student and coach of the science of the NFL Combine. The daily individual attention in every drill we did made all the difference. The spiritual aspect of the program was my favorite part as it helped me become a better person and athlete.”


Connor Barwin | Philadelphia Eagles® | University of Cincinnati
“Getting prepared for the NFL Combine at Ignition was one of the most important and best decisions in my life. Everyday the staff went above and beyond to get the most out of me. They made me feel confident and comfortable in all of my drills.”


Anthony Gaitor | Tampa Bay Buccaneers® | Florida International University
“The Ignition training program was great and I enjoyed every second of it. My favorite part was the staff and how they treated me. I learned something everyday and hit my personal records in all areas on Pro Day. Ignition helped me reach my dream by being drafted in the NFL.”


Aaron Morgan | Tampa Bay Bucs® | University of Louisiana at Monroe
“Making the choice to train at Ignition was by far my best decision. Ignition not only helped me perform the best at my school, but more importantly they helped me build a better relationship with God. This helped motivate and get me through the intensive training methods used at their facility.”


Stanford Keglar | Tennessee Titans® | Purdue University
“Ignition has helped me focus on becoming better in all phases of training. I had an exceptional Combine, as I finished first place in 5 of 7 drills. The staff are amazing people and very knowledgeable trainers. The program helped make me more explosive and faster on the field. I am thankful I made the right decision to train at Ignition.”


TJ Houshmanzadeh | Oakland Raiders® | Oregon State University
“I thank Clif Marshall at Ignition for his advice and all the hard work he put into making me a better player. Clif is not only a great coach but a great friend.”


Mike Mitchell | Pittsburgh Steelers® | Ohio University
“Ignition was the best place I could have trained to maximize my full potential. Anyone who is serious about performing at their best at the NFL Combine and Pro Day needs to train at Ignition. Before my Pro Day, I was unknown to most NFL Coaches, however after training I became a 2nd round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. ”


Haruki Nakamura | Carolina Panthers® | University of Cincinnati
“Clif Marshall is not only a great person, but also a man dedicated to improving the skill level of every athlete he deals with at Ignition. He is a tireless worker that is not only interested in making you a better athlete, but also a better person as well.”


Domata Peko | Cincinnati Bengals® | Michigan State
“The program at Ignition is awesome! I broke my all time personal best on the bench press and dead lift, while improving my speed and quickness. Ignition has made me a better all around NFL Player and I can feel it. I was able not only train physically, but also spiritually through prayer before workouts and this helped me keep all things in perspective.”


Akwasi Owusu Ansah | Dallas Cowboys® | Indiana University of Pennsylvania
“Throughout this whole process one of the best decisions made for me was training with Ignition. Not only did I get better physically but spiritually as well. I ran my fastest 40 yd. sprint ever at 4.30 and also did exceptionally well in position drills. We set goals and hit all of them – it’s one of the few programs that work.”


Roy Williams | 5 Time Pro Bowler | University of Oklahoma
“I had the opportunity to workout anywhere, but I chose to stay in town for my off season training with Clif Marshall. I really liked the vibe and the energy that I got from Ignition. Most facilities put emphasis on numbers, but Ignition puts focus on bettering the total athlete by training the mental, physical and spiritual. They keep God first.”


Quan Cosby | Denver Broncos® | University of Texas
“Ignition for me was everything I needed in a training facility. A Christian atmosphere and the best specialist in sports and performance.”



Sam Acho | Arizona Cardinals® | University of Texas
“My overall experience at Ignition was phenomenal. The workouts were individualized because it was such a small group. My numbers improved dramatically. I took three tenths off my forty and broke the all time record in the L-cone drill at the NFL Combine. The environment a fun and enjoyable experience. I couldn’t have chosen a better program.”


Dorin Dickerson | Buffalo Bills® | University of Pittsburgh
“One of the year’s most amazing workouts came from Pittsburgh TE, Dorin Dickerson at the NFL Scouting Combine. He was a top performer for his position in just about every category.” – Gil Brandt,


Aldrick Robinson | Washington Redskins® | Southern Methodist University
“During the recruiting process I felt like Ignition was the best fit for me. The great part was that I was a part of a family while away from home. I felt like I got the most attention I could get by the trainers. The workouts were tough each day but I know Ignition was by far the best place for me to train.”


John Conner | New York Jets® | University of Kentucky
“Ignition is a top notch program that I have used since high school. Their performance program helped me go from walk on at University of Kentucky to NFL Draft Pick. I like the environment that helps to establish the complete athlete and person.”


Terence Newman | Cincinnati Bengals® |  Pro Bowler | Kansas State
“Ignition is a diamond in the rough. Great workouts backed by great results. I feel great going into my tenth year in the NFL after the preseason program.”


Geno Atkins | Cincinnati Bengals® | Pro Bowler | University of Georgia
“I want to thank Clif Marshall and Ignition for the time they put in helping me reach my goals and helping me get ready for my season.”


Anthony Munoz | Pro Football Hall of Fame
“Until visiting Ignition, I had never before seen an athletic performance group that combined world class training with a complete offering of support services. Ignition’s commitment to excellence is without rival.”


David Pollack | 1st Round NFL Pick – ESPN
“If you are serious about playing at the next level and want to turn some heads, you need to be training with Ignition.”


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